The property is in a zone served by 3 natural drains which start on the edge of the south plateau and flow out towards the north by cutting the slope. On top of this favorable topology, our soil reflects the Garonne history and offers different mixes of clay, sand and graves. These zones may cover only some square meters or extend over several ares. The graves, carried by the Garonne at the Villefranchien, can be found everywhere in our vineyard.

The oldest white vines were planted in 1991. Sémillons and sauvignons blancs are grown on a very favorable soil which combines limestone, sand and clay.

Our red vines are grown on two very distinct plateaus. Merlot grapes are on very varied soils (clay, sand, graves/clay) while cabernet sauvignon ones are only on graves/clay. Those two zones cover more than 11 hectares. The first merlot grapes were planted between 1987 and 1991, cabernet sauvignon in 2004, and the latest merlot in 2014.

Because we strive to continually improve the quality our wine by starting where everything starts, soils, our cultivation techniques have been adjusted year on year since 2011. As the vine takes time to provide its best grapes, our first improvement plan of the vineyard will be completed in 2017.